- Odyssey In Chicago! -

Globes so coooooool !

The globes are exhibited around Lake Michigan.
Finest day and fresh breeze from the lake!

Found Segways!
They are faster than we thought and running cutting wind looks like so much fun.

Today's first coolglobe!
It says planting greenery helps absorb harmful greenhouse gases.


Left : Legs are the best transportation system around.
Right : Line-drying at home is an easy way to do.


Left : Introduces a technology to filter water with the merry-go-round.
Right : Vegetable face!


'Clinton Climate Initiative' -On the ocean you can see the state of William J. Clinton racing against climate change.

Endless globes…!


Ideal images of the planet.


Left : Wise words from religious traditions call us to act against global warming.
Right : Is your office green or not?


Right : Help! A reproduction of Munch's 'The Scream'.

The Earth as a celestial sphere. Has six steroscopic viewfinders and you can see the photographs of nature inside.


Left & right : Contrast of striking green and warm ivory!


Right : Inspired from the Iroquois Indians' word.

Featuring composting.
The live worms inside the globe are turning food waste and shredded newspaper into a rich soil nutrient.


Left : Pressed cans on the globe symbolize recycling.
Right : Let’s join the carbon neutral programs!

Field Museum is almost there!


Left : Kids can go eco at the school!
Right : Chicago’s 2015 Bike Plan.

Look at this! A turning globe on which children can ride and play.


Left : Uses solar panels and LED in the design.
Right : The Earth like a beautiful sparkling diamond!

The avobe-mentioned turning globe. We got ride on this too and was so much fun!


Left : Stop idling!


Left : Chicago is changing all of stoplights to light emitting diode (LED)s.


Left : Solar system on the globe.
Right : Made of tire treads and tire pressure nozzles.


The Earth with the front side smiling and the back dying… Which do you like?


Right : Forests have cooling effect.


Left : Reduce, reuse, recycle!


Left : Pinwheels on the globe.

Downtown and coolglobes.


Left : Plant trees!
Right : Decoration representing grass on the top.


Left : Introducing an eco-friendly bulb named CFL.
Right : Recycled glass on the oceans.

Myth style coolglobe with the Field Museum in the background.


Left : Features Kyoto Treaty. Painted with Japanese oriented patterns.


Left : The airplane, carbon dioxide machine's routes on the globe.
Right : Plant a garden at house.


Unique globes with decorations!

A big sailing ship floating on the Lake Michigan.


Left : Let’s get ride on the Eco-Cars.
Right : Red areas need more action to combat global warming.


Left : Bottles and cans bury the walls.


A silhouette of the Chicago skyline like crown on the top, with a real green roof system of living plants on its back.

Stairs to the Field Museum.


Right :'Unplugged Fun' -Plenty of plays without any electric power!


Left : Choose alternatives to fossil fuels.
Right : Conserve water -We can start it from now!

Those globes we just have seen in the distance! A few globes left around the museum.

What a big T.rex! Named Sue, she welcomes you at the entrance.

Sue's friend? It's unbelievable he (or she) was flying on this Earth!

We found Replogle's globes at the museum store!


Coolglobes inside the Field Museum.
Left : What will you be Inspired from these messages?

The last coolglobe!
'Ride a bike'. Small things will lead to a big change... CoolGlobes told us there are so many things we can do to combat global warming.

At the end of the CoolGlobes was the Adler Planetarium.
A big sundial - It's 5:30 p.m.

The Adler Planetarium was built in 1930. An Old and profound atmosphere building.

Going back to the starting point.
Wild geese are going their home?

Our odyssey ends now...
We were so much impressed meeting the people making globes with strong passion and the CoolGlobes with various hot messages.
And at the O'Hare airport, what waiting for us feeling reluctant to leave Chicago was...
A globe shape illumination!! It was a nice surprise.

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