- Odyssey In Chicago! -

Chicago Architecture River Cruise

After visiting Replogle Globes, we joined river cruise guiding Chicago’s magnificent architecture from the perspetive of the Chicago River.
Did you know Chicago is famous for the architecture?

Departure from Riverside Gardens at the Michigan Avenue.
Wrigley Building is the headquaters of the famous chewing gum company Wrigley.

An yellow boat.

We saw many other boats on the way.
This is one for Lake Michigan.

Let’s start cruising under the skyscraper!

View from the river.
333 West Wacker Drive, the building on the right side, looks like those at Shiodome!

Marina City, called 'corn' or 'beehive'.
Upper floors are residence space and lowers are parking lots.
Still more under them…

Restaurants and marina! It's 'city within a city'.

This is a picture of Marina City took in 1982.

Train called 'Loop' running around downtown. Trains are important transportation in Chicago.

The high building at the center is the Willis Tower, a symbol of Chicago. 442m in height and has 110 stories.
We are going up to the skydeck after cruising.

What a high tower!
Willis Tower has 110 stories and 449 meters high, the tallest building in the US.

Now we are on Lake Michigan!
The building of impressive shape on the right is the Lake Point Tower, condos.

Skyscraper viewed from Lake Michigan. Amazing!!

On the way back, the Chicago Board of Trade.
A yuzco on the top!?

After cruising at the Millenium Park.
A huge sculpture named 'Cloud Gate' reflects Chicago's skyline and the clouds avobe.

Worm's eye view of Cloud Gate. Feeling like we're going to be sucked into a different dimention...

Buckingham Fountain is also one of Chicago's most popular attractions.
Water blowing up to the height of 46 meters!

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