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Replogle Globes, the world's largest globe manufacturer

A big signboard at the entrance was made in 2005 to celebrate Replogle’s 75 years.
Beautiful blue was shining out of green grass.

Main office of Replogle Globes.
A large factory is behind this building.
This is America! We didn’t know where is the end of Replogle, because of it’s vast site…

Now, let's enter Replogle Globes!

They show some original globes at the entrance of main office.

Replogle Globes was commended by the city as a bluechip firm supplying high quality products.

Replogle’s collection. Some of them ware made several decades ago!

Here is the map making section.
Cute sign!

The cartographers use PC and most maps are digitally processed.

With a cartographer.
They are updating maps everyday and supports maintaining Replogle's globe as a latest information source.

A prototype of new map.
As you can see, they make flat map and it will be changed to spherical shape. To make accurate globe, they are practicing elaborate plan through a trial and error process.

Globe coverers at the factory.
Large sized globes are all hand made. They need long-time training and consentration to make accurate map globes.

A part of the Diplomat's map.
They cover the globe ball with this map and recycle scraps of paper.

Next, we went to the section making illuminated globes.
They are assembling some parts of illumination.

Illuminated globes of Replogle Globes are made of plastic. They are changed from a flat paper to spherical shape, and then raised and indented relief will be done.

To have that relief, hemispheres as the previous photo are going through press machine.

Now they are ready!
In the next process north and south hemispheres will be assembled to be one sphere, like Livingston.

Press-crafting is the most major process of making globe devised by Replogle in 1930s.
The flower-shape map printed on flat paper is changed to spherical shape. Still now most globes are made by this process.
Here they prints the map.

The map is cut carefully by the machine.

Seems like garbera daisy.

The map is put on the ball shape machine.

Finished! Flower shape map has changed to beautiful hemisphere.

North and south hemisphere made separately are glued into one sphere.

Many globes on the ceiling!

They make globes of many languages as French, Spanish, German... and those will be exported all over the world.

Some products are shown at the lobby.

A floor globe of novel design.

An old newspaper introducing Replogle Globes. Replogle Globes was established in 1931.

With the co-presidents of Replogle Globes. From left, Mr.Edward J.Dieschbourg and Mr.Dan Dillon.
We had a wonderful time seeing so many globes and friendly workers!

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